Living in Basel and Barcelona

Now I am sitting here with a cup of coffee watching the news, searching for the option to change the standard language in my word processor from German to English. Handling standard applications on my pc is really not my strength, I just expect them to work –and maybe that is the precise reason why it takes me some time to deal with them. And yet after receiving the advice that the programme is resetting its “standard customizations” I feel satisfied and released at the same time and finally can assume my writing. The biggest catch from my professional experience as a consultant was without any doubt patience.

Due to a job offer I had changed my working location from Barcelona to Basel. And yet I started travelling to Barcelona and Tel Aviv to fill the social gap which now had emerged in my daily routine. My new countrymen were not very extrovert and consequently did not easily invite foreign newcomers like me to participate in their anyway somehow tedious out-of-work activities. The only option was to get married to a colleague or to participate in a weekly held meeting, so called “glocals”, of fellows who had arrived under similar conditions to Basel where they now started to cluster together hoping to find a spouse or at least some peers to share their sorrows and payoffs with.

The first option was not very attractive in any aspect and yet somehow difficult to achieve because of the human resources volatility within my team (most of my colleagues were external consultants and therefore called from and send back to the countries of their origin on demand, other activity areas were simply “outsourced” and their occupants send home with a generous redundancy pay-out). And the weekly meeting with other people from abroad who had come to enjoy the flourishing Swiss economy in their new posts did not quite satisfy my interests either. I do not want to criticize nor question the quality of lifestyle back there. At some point I just understood that due to my personal aspirations and former vital experiences I simply did not fit within.

But by installing my private life in a different location from the one I was working at, I did not tackle the actual challenge of accommodating myself socially and culturally in Switzerland, where I had the perspective of a splendid career and an insolent income. However, due to my deplorable social life I seriously considered moving back to Barcelona, where I had always have poorly paid jobs which carried the risk of boreout even before I concluding the introduction period. But Barcelona was also the city where I never run out of friends and where the mild winter does not even last for two months clearing the way for long evenings at bars and coffee shops next to the beach and exciting nights in dance clubs and bars.




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